Raspberry Medley

Recipe: 4oz. Raspberries 2 oranges 8 strawberries 1 small beet Advertisements

Citrus juice recipe

Citrus pick me up! Recipe: 2 oranges 1 grapefruit 1 lemon 1″ ginger Great drink to make in the mornings for a boost of energy and stimulate the metabolism for ...


Happy Holidays!

Festive for the season. Ingredients: Red juice 1 Pomegranate, 2 apples, 1 ...

Bloody Rabbit

Bloody Rabbit: Beets Carrots Fuji Apples Ginger Beets: Beets offer protection against ...

Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Orange! Recipe: 4 oz. Cranberries 3 Oranges 1 pomagranate Tangy Delicious ...

Latest News

I’m opening a juice bar! YAY!

Opening a Juice Bar downtown Atlanta called Rawesome Juicery!

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VIDEO: juicing w/ Ty Hodges

Juicing with a great friend TY HODGES! He just got started juicing and needed some tips. 🙂

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VIDEO: creating easy juice recipes

In this video I’m giving tips on how to create easy introductory recipes to get yourself accustom to juicing by looking at colors. I brought one of my best friends to juice with me and introduce her to the delicious world of fresh juice. I think she got the juice bug. Lol!

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Who I Am! YouTube Video!

I was getting request to know more about who I am, so here it is. Hope you like… Chanel

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Wheatgrass Kit

I got a new toy! It’s a wheatgrass growing kit! It’s so easy to grow your own wheatgrass and it’s really affordable. I bought a manual wheatgrass juicer on amazon for $50 and I bought the kit at whole foods for $40 (the kit provides 3 pounds of seeds to last approx. 6 months). I […]

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Liquid Superfood: wheatgrass

Hi Everyone!!! I’m obsessed with wheatgrass now after researching the benefits, so today I wanted to make a “Superfood” drink for my hardcore health nuts. Lol! It’s really intense after u drink it. If u drink it on an empty stomach you can really feel a difference in ur body. It will definitely wake up […]

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Juicing Carrots… Failed!

Last fall I planted carrots hoping to juice them in the spring. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to grow carrots but after 5 mos. I quit and pulled the carrots out of the ground. They are really small and deformed but surprisingly really sweet! I love sharing my fruits and vegetables that I […]

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My #1 reason to JUICE

The human body was created as a self healing organism. It wasn’t created with the hopes of inventing doctors to cure all ills. Doctors were created through the process of nessecity and convenience. Doctors are also the result of humans becoming disconnected with their body, mind and spirit connection. The further we move away from […]

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Juice Truck

So I’m in the process of starting a Juice Truck business and it’s turning out to be a lot of leg work to get off the ground!!! I’m so excited to start a health initiative that will Help people who want to get healthy, accommodate them with convenience! Stay posted on my journey into the […]

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Juicing for skin health

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